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Your Total Healthcare Companion
Healthcare - On the Footstep of Radical Change
The world has been witnessing rapid changes in the field of science. Over the past few decades advances and fast paced innovations are happening in all areas whether it is electronics, information, communication or healthcare.

Individuals are more concerned of their health and their expectations on service delivery is on the rise. ‘Dr.BOND’ in line with the individuals rising expectation takes him closer to healthcare and offers him a one touch solution to all his healthcare needs.
Dr.BOND – ‘One Touch Solution for Health & Care’
Dr.BOND combines Personalised Health & Care Services delivered with a Human Touch and its Health Management & Logistic System brings to you ‘A One Touch Solution for Total Health & Care’.
Dr.BOND – ‘Personalised Health & Care Services’
The healthcare segment in India relies on human interaction and Dr.BOND’s Personalised Health & Care Service ensures that the customer has a human touch throughout the entire passage ensuring optimum service delivery.

Dr.BOND services are person centric and offer a bouquet of services in the field of preventive care, domiciliary treatment, pre-hospitalization, hospitalization and post-hospitalization care along with financial options ensuring Total Healthcare Solutions.
Dr.BOND – ‘Health Management & Logistic System’
Dr.BOND’s Healthcare Management & Logistic System is specifically designed for Indian Health & Care environment and Dr.BOND Network of Doctors, Chemists, Diagnostic Centres, Hospitals and Healthcare providers ensure delivery of comprehensive healthcare service.
Shift workers 'face type 2 diabetes risk'
Type 2 diabetes is more common in people who work shifts, a large international study suggests.
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Bedtime light 'may stop cancer drug working'
Even low levels of light in bedrooms may stop breast cancer drugs from working, US researchers have warned
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Having kids later in life helps women live longer: study
Researchers have claimed that women who embraced motherhood later in their lives have greater odds for surviving to an unusually old age. It was also observed that having more children (identified as three or more) tempered the association between increased maternal age and later survival
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Watching too much TV could cause early deat
Adults who watch TV for three hours or more a day may double their risk of premature death from any cause, a new study has warned. The risk was lesser for those watching TV for an hour or less
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